Monday, March 27, 2017

Where can we find an extra job?

To see where we can find second job, we have to see how it should be, which criteria should respond:
- To be part-time (fractions of time) or flexi-time (no default working time) is very unlikely that anyone can work 5-6 days per week for 16 hours a day. If we add the time needed transport, we find that that person with 2 full-time jobs should rest about 3-4 hours per day, which is not realistic for a longer period of 4-5 weeks. Nothing else but increase the likelihood of instilling a disease (chronic fatigue, stress, diseases of the digestive system - particularly stomach etc.) that would result in the loss of both jobs ...
- To be paid according to the results: nobody and seek second job too much good but on the contrary, to round off income deemed insufficient. So, because in most cases the second job is not full, you can not afford to be paid in directing (after time worked) but in agreement (depending on the results - even on they can influence);
- To be as close to home / work base: jobs assume that you will find even two or three but the day will still have 24 hours ... If therefrom 3:00 they spend on the road, greater efficiency will not record;
- The complexity of the job is less than the basic job. Think of that fatigue tends to accumulate and you will be highly demanding job you end up not performing. Remember that no rewards efforts but results.
On such criteria, it seems at first glance that has not yet invented the station to choose him as a second job. Luckily things are not so bleak and there are still a number of industries that provide jobs to a description made above:
- Direct sales pyramid structures: in general market cosmetics, natural products, portable technology, but not only;
- The insurance market through dynamic movements of personnel, seems always able to absorb human resources quality.
You will probably say that in these market segments no fixed salary, payment being made "on commission". And you're right to say that, but that is why the objective is to supplement the incomes is easier to reach (depends only on you).

Second job:

Why yes ?
- Will allow income to supplement what can sometimes be a necessity for survival;
- Develop professionally in making you able to assume increased responsibilities which certainly will be helpful in the future regardless of the chosen work

Why not ?
- Not all people are able to perform prolonged work in conditions so make an analysis on how sincere the so serious, otherwise, to have two jobs will not only be a failed experiment;
- Life balance professional / personal life will be seriously compromised, which can reach, for example, in the situation you just see the kids while they sleep ...

Weigh the pros and cons wisely idea to have second job and act accordingly. In this regard, usually regrets are late ...